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Pets are cute and we love them. Some of their habits are not and quite frankly can drive us crazy. A torn up couch isn’t cute, and neither is the rage you’re going to experience after seeing it. With Soft Paws you can protect your stuff, your skin, AND your sanity.

Art Direction + Creative Strategy: Sarah Stiles
Copy Writing + Creative Strategy: Logan Longoria

Project Date: Fall 2020
This is a student project.

Cute Chaos.jpg
3 ways.png

This rug installation is already frayed to encourage people to tug on the strings and further destroy the rug, just like a cat. We can’t blame them for destroying things, thankfully we can stop them.

OOH installation
rug on wall in context.png
close up rup.png

Furniture ads will appear on Facebook for people who had recently been shopping for similar pieces showing destroyed couches being sold at an extreme discount. Why so cheap? Because that’s what the value will be when your car destroys it. 

tweet real.png
final couch1.png
Insta Contest.png
Group 1.png
social challenge

Users on Instagram and Twitter can submit photos of their cats with Soft Paws on for a chance to be featured in a fabulous cat calendar...

calendar x The Paw Project

Selected photos from the social challenge will be used to create a fabulous cat calendar. The calendar also comes with stickers so you can keep track of when to change your pet’s Soft Paws. This calendar will either be sold with Soft Paws or separately, and a portion of the purchase will go towards the non-profit, The Paw Project, an organization dedicated to spreading awareness about the harm caused by declawing.

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