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The New Age of Enlightenment. With a new generation of men rising, GQ must reach this audience of Gen Z readers while maintaining their current, loyal readers. Through the strategy presented and the September 22 Issue proposal, GQ will strengthen their relationship with their current reader, while positioning itself as the destination for our world’s future thought leaders, CEOs, politicians, and entrepreneurs of the world.

Art Director: Sarah Stiles
Business Strategist: Regina Erickson
Styling Editor: Daya Reyes Vargas
Editor: Kirti Bhagwann

Project Date: Fall 2021
This is a student project.


Case Study
Illuminating Cover

Featuring Kate Winslet, who is staring in the upcoming Avatar sequel, the September 22 Issue will showcase new, illuminating technology by Inuru:

  • Atomic Touch.Touch and it lights up. Release it stops. Perfect for product that should be visible when held. OLED label with integrated energy source and touch activation.

Feature Article

WRITER Kirti Bhagwann LAYOUT Sarah Stiles

Trends Page

BY Daya Reyes Vargas

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Accessories Still Life Shoot

ART DIRECTION Sarah Stiles, Daya Reyes Vargas, Regina Erickson PHOTOGRAPHER Xavier Young

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