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Luxury is a feeling, not an expense. ​​Dossier meticulously reimagines iconic designer perfumes, stripping away the expensive marketing and packaging to emphasize what's important: the fragrance notes. We dare you to smell the difference.

Art Direction + Creative Strategy: Sarah Stiles
Copy Writing + Creative Strategy: Emily Southard

Project Date: Fall 2020
This is a student project. 

mood films

☆ check out my filmmaking skills 

digital billboards



Find a thrifted look inspired by the perfume for less than the price of the bottle.

editorial zine

The editorial zine draws the reader into worlds inspired by the fragrances with short poems accentuating the imagery.

Zines will be distributed with each Dossier purchase.

Mockup 2.png
Mockup 1.png
6. POP UP.png


Dossier will launch an interactive pop up store that is inspired by immersive environments, designed to involve the audience and allow them to truly experience the scents of Dossier.

You enter to see a minimalist showroom - clean and chic. 

There are a number of rooms
set up based on specific scents.

Each room is inspired by the notes of the chosen scent to create an experience that envelopes all five senses and invites attendees to shamelessly snap photos.

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