Diva Cup

Protect your environment. ​​

Tampons and pads dominate the market when it comes to period protection, but it’s time for Diva Cup to be part of the conversation. Not only is it a better option for the health of your body, it’s better for the health of our world. Through this campaign we are seeking to normalize Diva Cups and give women the final push they need to switch over.

AD/CW: Sarah Stiles + Alysse Mazakian

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a body-positive zine showcasing fun illustrations and useful information being a period-having human being


  • women's marches

  • pride parades

  • SXSW

  • the pill club subscription bag

Similar to brands like Glossier, Diva Cup will be distributing a sticker sheet that’ll not only be an additional goody for the customer but function as free advertising when they put them on their phone, laptop, water bottle etc.

free stickers <3

This sticker sheet will be included not only in the packaging of the Diva Cup herself, but will be further distributed with the zine at the events listed above and sent out in select subscription packages (i.e. The Pill Club).

brand integration

Traditionally, in the media, the “period” situation is always fixed with tampons and pads. We want to get Diva Cup a seat at the table. In order to normalize Diva Cups and the conversations around them, we’ll be integrating the product into TV shows that are popular with our target demographic and match our brand voice. Eventually, we’d like to get the Diva Cup into as many shows as possible, but we’re starting with these two.

Big Mouth is a perfect fit for an integration because it’s a show about going through puberty and writing a period talk about Diva Cups into the script would be authentic and easy. The scene will be in an episode centered around Earth Day, where Jessi will learn from her Hormone Monster that the Diva Cup doesn’t just protect the environment she lives in, but the one that lives in her as well. 

Broad City’s audience matches ours almost identically and Ilana and Abbi as characters would definitely love their coochies enough to preach the Diva Cup agenda to anyone who would listen. This integration is going to take place in a beach day script, where Ilana is forcing Abbi to hang out with her new trashy boyfriend and they end up teaching his sister an important lesson about periods.